Find Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to both help the world and gain real world experience. High school is a great time to test out your interests, skills and career options.


  • Think about your skills, talents and interests.  What type of service is a good fit for you?
  • Think about your desired future career. What service options are related to that field?
  • Think about issues in the community you feel passionate about. What organizations address that issue?


Use Outlet’s Map of Organizations in Need of Volunteers below, or check out the websites below for information about organizations that may need help that matches your skills, talents, interests, and issues you feel passionate about.

Once you identify the organizations that interest you the most, visit their websites or call them to get answers to the following questions:

  • Age requirement – Do you have volunteer opportunites for teens?
  • Job description – What type of help is your organization looking for? What will I be doing when I volunteer?
  • Transportation – Where are you located? Will I be able to get there from my house, school, or work? Do you provide bus tickets?
  • Hours available – When do you need volunteers? Does this work with my schedule?
  • Hours required – Do you require a minimum amount of service hours? Can I meet the requirement? Are you able to provide me with the number of hours I need?
  • Training – Is there a mandatory orientation? training sessions?
  • Application – What paperwork/permission do I need to start?  Do I need to have a parent with me when applying?


  • Select the organization that best fits the criteria important to you.
  • Call the volunteer coordinator to schedule a time to submit or complete the application.
  • Schedule your first volunteering, orientation, or training date when you drop off your application. It is better to have it on the calendar than to try to schedule over the phone or computer.
  • Have your supervisor complete the Outlet Pride Points Eval each time you volunteer.
  • Post a blog to reflect on your learning and share your experience with others.
  • Make everyone proud!  Great volunteers are on time, speak appropriately, dress appropriately, work hard and do quality work.  Remember, volunteering is a good way to help others while also building up your resume and gaining quality references; so give it your all.