Outlet: Plugging People In Staff and Board


Kathleen EndKathleen End, Founder and Executive Director

Kathleen was a teacher in Milwaukee Public Schools from 2001-2012. Part of her love for teaching was linking students to learning experiences outside of the classroom. Kathleen connected students to “big experiences” taking students to Paris, France, and on a 10 day voyage aboard the Dennis Sullivan sailing from Miami, Florida to Andros Island in the Bahamas. She also took them on smaller more local “field trips” included taking students to Sweet Water Organics, Marquette Basketball games, Les Miserables, the Art Museum, college tours, decorating holiday trees at Cathedral Park and volunteering at various locations around the city. Kathleen believes these experiences are crucial in developing students who will be ready for life after high school. After consulting with many present and past students, Kathleen created Outlet: Plugging People In which serves as a database of experiences, coaching site, and digital portfolio so teens can find, participate, and promote the experiences they have.


Britton Domer – Owner of the Patricia Shoppe

Greg Kliebhan – Community Member

Erin Morgan – Department of Justice

Toby Peters – United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County

Jennifer Roettgers – Financial Advisor at Baird

Willy Tran – Heraeus

Rebecca Wangard – Business Development at Vangard Computers

Web Developers

DJ Brensinger

Gloria Koroghlanian


Lyanne Jordan – 2014-2015 Public Ally

Deanna McDougle – 2014 Membership Intern

Caitlin Gronski – 2014 Marketing Intern

Rebecca Dalum – 2014 Fund Development Intern

Sandra Kinzer – 2015 Social Media and Marketing Intern

Sophie Fahey – 2015 Marketing Intern