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To empower teens to contribute to society, discover their passions, sample diverse cultural experiences, prepare for college, and plan for their future careers. We do this by connecting teens to meaningful experiences and providing a community of support.


Outlet: Plugging People In transforms the United States. Outlet spreads from city to city connecting teens to experiences and coaches. Nonprofits and community groups are better able to fulfill their mission’s thanks to Outlet marketing and matching teens to programs, monitoring their progress, and providing extra motivation through the “cultural experience rewards” program. Schools and businesses appreciate Outlet for helping provide teens with experiences that reinforce the importance of professionalism; being on time, dressing appropriately, speaking appropriately, working hard and doing quality work. Whole communities are transformed by the shift in attitude of young people who want to get out and do something that is good for themselves and others.

Outlet members have passion for their futures, are lifelong learners and value community. They see themselves as part of a much bigger world; one filled with hope and in which they want to explore. They are accepted to colleges and win scholarships thanks to their impressive Outlet digital portfolio of experiences. They are the ideal candidates for internships and employment due to their professionalism, commitment, and confidence. They remain active in the community creating the next generation of leaders.

Core Values

Professionalism: Be On Time, Speak and Dress Appropriately, Work Hard, Do Quality Work.

Service: Everyone Can Give, Be a Person for Others, In Giving We Receive.

Relationships: Be Kind and Courteous Always, Build Bridges not Walls.


Student Paloma Aguilera won the 2016 full scholarship to Mount Mary College.

Student Deanna McDougle won the 2014 Youth Inspire By Example Award

Outlet volunteered 1,673 times for a total 5,033 hours of service to Milwaukee nonprofits.

Staff And Board

Outlet wouldn’t be possible without our board and student interns. Learn more about them.

Community Partners

Outlet has partnerships with the local Milwaukee Area community. Learn more about our partners.