Our Mission

Outlet:Plugging People In empowers teens to contribute to society, discover their passions, sample diverse cultural experiences, prepare for college, and plan for their future careers. We do this by connecting teens to meaningful experiences and providing a community of support.

How Does Outlet Work?

Outlet: Plugging People In, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that connects teens to volunteer, pre-college and career programs. These experiences open minds to future possibilities, hearts to help others, and futures to be filled with hope, success, and pride. This is achieved through coaching and OutletPlugMeIn.org.

Volunteer coaches assist student members by providing online support, advice, and encouragement. Coaches and student members also meet face to face when volunteering at local nonprofits and community organizations. After each volunteer experience, coaches evaluate each student they were volunteering with and award them points for being on time, dressing appropriately, speaking appropriately, working hard and doing quality work.

OutletPlugMeIn.org serves as a database of experiences, digital portfolio, and social networking site. It allows members to connect to amazing opportunities and people. In addition, the site allows members to track, reflect, and share what they have done by being part of a community of proactive people who are making a difference.